Water Flow

A Lightroom and Photoshop tutorial packed with editing tips from beginning to end. As usual, I do not waste any time but start to edit the image immediately. I post process a waterfall image where I start out blending two images; one for the water and one for the foliage. Produced: Nov 2020

As a bonus I have added how I edit a milky way image in Lightroom.

Praise for the tutorial:

"Just finished the water fall video, I learned some cool tricks, love how you go about adding detail in the water. your work flow is very clean and easy to flow along with, this is what makes your work amazing" - Carl Loveall

"I really enjoyed your tutorial. Very easy to follow, and that is the most important thing; especially for people that start to learn editing. I liked what you did with the liquify filter to fill the white pixels after you aligned the images. Also liked how you colored the trees and how you played with the mood to create this foggy effect. -Thrasivoulos Panou

"All in all, this was indeed a very enjoyable and inspirational tutorial to watch and you show step-by-step your approach to a waterfall scenery. One will certainly learn a lot by watching it. To help people that are at an entry-level to PS processing, you could perhaps slow down at some critical points, explain your vision and the tools you are selecting to use. The downside of doing so will be a longer tutorial that people may find tiresome to follow and finish, so the choice of keeping it short and to the point is the right one; the viewer can always stop, try a tool, return to the video to re-watch that step if needed, or continue with the rest. The bonus material was a very nice surprise to the tutorial; concise and to the point with many tricks to learn in a few minutes. I am sure people will appreciate this." -Christos Zoumides

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