Sunrise in Vengedalen

A start to finish tutorial which shows how a sunrise image from Vengedalen, Romsdalen, Norway, is edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. The tutorial covers raw preps in Lightroom including camera calibration color work, we work with smart objects in Photoshop, create various masks, use Blend-If extensively, do a focal length blend, add mood, dodging and burning etc etc. As usual do I go straight to the point and cover as much ground as possible in 55 mins. Produced: Nov 2017.

"I just watched it. The one I saw was wonderful. I’ll be back later to watch some more of them. And, it is not only inspiring but also enlightening. It is also a time saver to see how you used Lightroom, Photoshop, and Color Efex Pro 4 in just the one I viewed. Like most folks, I have all the software but seeing someone that has spent some time invested in it already and using it well is a huge time saver in the learning process. It also opens up some future ideas and yes it is inspiring. You are a good teacher too. You are easy to understand, and its easy to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. I’d highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn some more photography skills. It is a wonderful resource. And a time saver in learning and well worth it. Thank you for doing the tutorial series Ole." (Kevin Root)

"When I started with photography and saw other people's fantastic photos, I really wondered how they made the photos look the way they did. This video is an easy and great way to learn post-processing, and make your photo really "pop out". You don't have to be an expert in Photoshop either, just follow the easy steps and bring out light and color to a dull photo, and make it stand out in the way you want. Fun and easy way to learn for a very nice price." (Stian Bergsveen)

"Just finished your tutorial. I have to say that it was really constructive and it helped a lot especially on how to analyze an image and the details in it." (Thrasivoulos Panou)

"Highly recommended for both beginning as advanced landscape editing. Learn how to prepare your image in Lightroom and import it in Photoshop, how to work with different layers and as a bonus how to blend part of an image in an existing image to get the desired result. very educative!" (Herman van den Berge)

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