Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Hønefoss, Norway · 5 items

90 Secs of Tyrifjorden

Editing a longexposure from start to finish in Lightroom and Photoshop. Many various techniques (smart objects, blend-if, dodging and burning, Color Efex Pro, adding mood, target midtones using blend-if, masking etc etc) are demonstrated throughout the tutorial and the image is edited without the use of luminosity masks. As usual do I go straight to the point and cover as much ground as possible in 41 mins.

"It is great and so detailed. I think that is a very useful "tool" for someone who wants to go further with post processing" (Thrasivoulos Panou)

"In this video Ole Henrik takes you by the hand in processing from RAW to a finished image in very easy to learn steps. A - must have - for every serious landscape photographer that works with Lightroom and Photoshop." (Herman van den Berge)

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