Dancing in Water

40 mins of processing tips on how to edit a waterfall/landscape image in Photoshop - we are blending three images including replacing a blown out sky and doing this by making a very precise mask.....and there are a lot of trees in the transition zone...We are creating mood (various approaches including an Orton effect), changing the tone of the water, creating a subtle glow effect, dodging, using luminosity masks etc etc. And included is also the raw preps in Lightroom and practical tips on how I did the shooting. Nearly all I do here is not covered in my first tutorial. Produced: 2016

"Ole Henrik Skjelstad may not be a singer (watch the tutorial to get the reference), but the man delivers once again with a symphonic tutorial, smooth in every sense. His ability to identify dissatisfying elements, from color to texture to overall mood, is simply mind-blowing. For just that reason, I would encourage any aspiring landscape photographer to watch this tutorial. Not just that, Ole Henrik further proves his post-processing expertise when he teaches how to achieve almost perfect, if not perfect, results when replacing a sky into your landscape. Fringing and dissimilar tones seem to be no problem for him. He also blends a longer exposure of the moving water into his image, and enhances the overall feel of the photo, for me the icing on the cake. I have given a quick overview - I certainly cannot write everything I learned for I would have to write a long essay! $35 for probably one of the most beneficial tutorials one can watch is simply a BARGAIN! This tutorial will taste much better to your photographer taste buds than a visit to your local restaurant!" -David Orvedahl-

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