Dancing in the Snow

50 mins packed with processing info starting with the out of camera raw file being prepped in Lightroom and from there to many editing approaches in Photoshop i.e. how to add and change colors, create mood, add an Orton texture, removing a distracting power line, counter wide angle distortions, add light, creating custom masks, using various masks including color and luminosity masks etc etc. Produced: 2016

"I watched the entire tutorial, and I learned a lot!!!! I mean a LOT! Previously, for example, I didn't really understand how to use color channels in Photoshop. Your information was not only useful but GOLDEN. I am going to use many of the skills I learned on my next photos! Everything you said was understandable and well spoken. I also enjoyed the conciseness and clarity of the tutorial — you always stayed on topic, but never went overboard on a single topic. This project was a huge blessing in my photographic career, and I expect a lot more coming in the future! I give it a 10 out of 10!!!!!" - David Orvedahl -

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